Extraordinary Empathy From the Heart of a Child … Immigration

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Extraordinary Empathy From the Heart of a Child … Immigration

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A friend has a daughter.  She entered a creative writing contest sponsored by the American Immigration Council.  She won.  She’s eleven.  Would that more of us had but a fraction of her extraordinary gift for empathy …



Everything has changed

Everything happened at once

The war

The plane

Seeing my new home


I didn’t like the change

The change brought uncertainty

I did not want the change

I did not welcome the change

But my family did

If I had a choice

I wouldn’t have gone


We lost everything

Our home



My friends


I hate the people

Who did this to my family

I am lost in this new place


U. S. A.


My new home

Goodbye Syria


I never got to say goodbye

So here it is

Goodbye, Friends

Goodbye, Grandmama

Goodbye, Grandpapa

Goodbye, House

Goodbye, Village

Goodbye, Everything I knew

The Perfect Fit

I have not found a fit

In my new life

I do not fit into the puzzle that is my school

I stick out like a piece

From a different puzzle

I do not fit into my new town

I do not fit into America

At least I don’t think so

Mama says, “It will pass, you will make friends.”

Papa says, “Friends will come to you, just wait.”

So I wait

I Wait

I wait for a friend to come

Every day

And then she does


Is from Afghanistan

Is just like me

Is smart

Is funny

Is my friend


I finally fit into the puzzle that is this town

Today they threw a party celebrating

Yara’s family

And mine

We celebrate immigration because without it

None of us would be here

I Will

I will live in America

I have lots of friends

I have a beautiful home

I love America

We celebrate immigration

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David Belli

July 9, 2017 at 7:39 pm

Truly beautiful. Why resist? Because our current president believes (actually, he just buys into the hateful, apocalyptic views of Steve Bannon and Fox News) that this girl represents a threat to Western society. What a pathetic joke.

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