Divider-In-Chief! (President Donald Trump needs to take a knee …)

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Divider-In-Chief! (President Donald Trump needs to take a knee …)

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President Donald Trump is at it again — The Divider-In-Chief is now condemning Colin Kaepernick, Stephen Curry, et. al., for exercising Freedom of expression …

So what exactly is it that the President is so bent out of shape about?  Has

Kaepernick chained anyone?  Whipped anyone?  Lynched anyone?  Sent anyone to the back of the bus?  Disenfranchised anyone’s right to vote?  Has he visited any form of injustice upon anyone?  Nope.  He merely made a silent personal protest on behalf of many whom he believes are the victims of past and present injustice.  He merely exercised his freedom of expression – one of the most fundamental and cherished of the essential freedoms that we as Americans are all supposed to share.  

In North Korea you get sent to the gulag for publicly disagreeing with the Dear Leader …

In the United States we have these things called freedom and civil rights.  Someone should explain this to President of the United States …

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