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Welcome to The Rezistance!

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Let Us Introduce Ourselves
We are a group of disparate individuals from the Walnut Creek, California area who share a collective resistance to the policies of the Trump administration. Our goal as a group is to further the ideals of equal representation and treatment, respect and defense of individual rights, protection and stewardship of the environment, and advancement of social justice causes.

The election of Donald Trump caught many of us by surprise and generated intense concern among for the future of our country and the world. We are dedicated to making our voices heard and advocating for the rights of marginalized groups. If you are women, LGBTQIA+, PoC, religious minorities, or any other individual fearful in our new society, we defend you.

We invite you to protest, phone and email your representatives, gather at Town Hall meetings, and to seek out like-minded individuals with whom to engage and advocate for others. These pages will chronicle the on-going efforts of The Rezistance WC to fan the flame of freedom in whatever way we can.

In solidarity!

The Rezistance! was founded in February of 2017 as part of the #Resist network launched by Meetup launched over a thousand #Resist groups around the country and invited Meetup users to join and get engaged.

*   To help elect a Democratic Congress in 2018 to provide at least a modest check on the disturbingly authoritarian impulses of the President Donald Trump.
*   To defend democracy and the US Constitution from continuous assault by (astonishingly) the president of the United States.
*   To promote greater civility in our national political discourse.

Viva La Rezistance!