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Extraordinary Empathy From the Heart of a Child … Immigration

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A friend has a daughter.  She entered a creative writing contest sponsored by the American Immigration Council.  She won.  She’s eleven.  Would that more of us had but a fraction of her extraordinary gift for empathy …



Everything has changed

Everything happened at once

The war

The plane

Seeing my new home


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Supreme Court Allows Partial Travel Ban, Pending Constitutionality Review in October

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Supreme Court Takes Up Travel Ban Case, and Allows Parts to Go Ahead
New York Times, June 26, 2017

“WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court cleared the way on Monday for President Trump to prohibit the entry of some people into the United States from countries he deems dangerous, but the justices imposed strict limits on Mr. Trump’s travel ban while they examine the scope of presidential power over the border.”

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Resistbot – Raise Your Voice!

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ResistBot – Raise Your Voice!

Raising your voice is as easy as sending a text message.  Resistbot is a nifty new tech service that enables you to quickly and easily send a fax, phone, or even a snail mail message to your elected representatives – as easily as sending a text message.  See the article below for a brief introduction.  Then click RESISTBOT above to get started Raising Your Voice!

Resistbot Turns Your Angry Trump Texts Into Faxes To Congress


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